To spice things up during the long Winter, Castlewood arranges a fun competition called Snowflake, a singles competition but with a twist: on several holes you have the chance to throw multiple discs, which we call Tip-Tap-Toe.

There are two scoring leagues: one with a handicap and one without. All players are automatically added to both leagues so everyone can compete against each other and check their positions. There are prizes for the top three players in both leagues.

There will be a total of 9 rounds and a player's best 4 rounds are counted for their average.

The course is 16 holes and par 51.

How Tip-Tap-Toe works

Tip-Tap-Toe uses the same rules as best-shot but with a limit:

  • on 8 holes you throw 1 disc (Tip)
  • on 6 holes you throw 2 discs (Tap)
  • on 2 holes you throw 3 discs (Toe)

It's up to each individual player which holes they want to use their 8 Tips, 6 Taps and 2 Toes on, however, a player must decide after their first tee-shot whether they will throw a second disc. A player can not go and check where their disc landed, instead they must make a decision without always being certain of their lie. Note: a player does not need to decide immediately after their tee-shot if they want to throw a second disc – they must first allow other players in the group to make their tee-shots, and after it cycles back to them they must then decide on whether they want to throw a second disc or not. The same principle goes if they throw a second disc and contemplate throwing a third.

Whichever amount of discs a player throws from tee, they continue playing that hole with the same amount discs from which they believe is their best lie until they complete the hole.

It's important to keep track of players' Tip-Tap-Toe usage by marking clearly on Snowflake's scorecards.

Terminology: Tip = 1 disc, Tap = 2 discs and Toe = 3 discs

How the handicap system works

A player's handicap is determined by their results from Riddarrundan or/and other competitions. Depending on how well a player plays they will potentially increase/decease their handicap several times throughout the 9 Snowflake rounds.


#1    20 November 2016 at 10.00

#2    4 December 2016 at 10.00

#3    18 December 2016 at 10.00

#4    15 January 2017 at 10.00

#5    29 January 2017 at 10.00

#6    12 February 2017 at 10.00

#7    26 February 2017 at 10.00

#8    12 March 2017 at 10.00

#9    26 March 2017 at 10.00


Slottsskogen discgolf course


Entire season – 150 SEK

Swish to 123 018 33 68 and state Snowflake and your name as the reference.

Per round – 30 SEK

Swish or cash before the round begins.

80% of the total Snowflake revenue goes to prizes.


  • a prize every round for the winner/s from both leagues
  • prizes at the end of the season for the top 3 from both leagues

Archived results

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Hole 1

88 Metres, Par 3

Short course tee 1 to new basket.

Hole 2

90 Metres, Par 3

New tee to new basket. Must pass left of marked MANDO tree, otherwise dropzone with penalty.

Hole 3

86 Metres, Par 3

New tee on the hill to ordinary hole 1. OB as ordinary hole 1.

Hole 4

84 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary tee 3 to new basket.

Hole 5

81 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary hole 4.

Hole 6

79 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary hole 5.

Hole 7

132 Metres, Par 4

Ordinary tee 6 to new basket.

Hole 8

86 Metres, Par 3

New tee (just behind ordinary hole 2’s basket) to ordinary basket 9.

Hole 13

70 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary hole 15.

Hole 14

67 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary hole 16

Hole 15

80 Metres, Par 3

New tee to new basket.

Hole 16

185 Metres, Par 4

Ordinary hole 17 to ordinary basket 18. Must pass left of marked MANDO tree, otherwise dropzone with penalty.

Hole 9

98 Metres, Par 3

New tee to short course basket 18.

Hole 10

67 Metres, Par 3

Ordinary hole 11 but must pass left of marked MANDO tree, otherwise re-tee with penalty.

Hole 11

68 Metres, Par 3

New tee (middle of ordinary 12’s fairway) to ordinary basket 13.

Hole 12

120 Metres, Par 4

Ordinary tee 14 to new basket.

The course


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